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County pays $1 Million for dungeon like conditions at jail

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Cook County has agreed to pay a settlement to four women prisoners who were held in dungeon like conditions. They will get very little (two $5,000 and two about $140,000). The lawyers get most of the settlement. Class action was denied so all the other prisoners who suffered will get nothing. See more details here.

Cook County Jail had a policy until 2003 to lockdown female inmates from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. They were denied phone calls, exercise, any out of cell time,  etc. They had difficulty getting attention of guards through heavy cell doors, for medical issues or for attacks by other detainees. There were 2 to 3 in a cell and if one woman attacked another they were not protected and the guards ignored them.

This practice ended in 2003 when this suit was filed.


Cook County jail guard delivers drugs to inmates

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Cook County Jail guard arrested and jailed for taking bribe to buy and deliver drugs to an inmate.

Written by Linda Shelton

December 19, 2010 at 2:03 pm

Correctional Officer charged with stealing detainee’s cash

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Authorities report  they arrested Cook County Correctional Officer Tyrone McDowell Jr., 33, of Blue Island, on criminal charges alleging he was involved in $1,760 found missing from 14 detainees’ commissary accounts and the forging of detainees’ cash receipts. Ofc. McDowell’s job included collecting money from detainees newly received at the jail and providing them with a receipt. Bail was set at $50,000. McDowell had been responsible for handling money confiscated from detainees when they first entered the jail.

 Charges include 11 counts of official misconduct, 10 counts of forgery and one count of theft, according to public records. Investigators found $1,760 was missing from 14 detainees when money was confiscated when they entered the jail.  Auditors noticed that one of the receipts had been altered. The Sheriff’s Office of Professional Review investigated this problem. The investigation looked at the facts related to a detainee and revealed he had allegedly been issued a receipt for $500 by McDowell, but only received $200 when he was released on bail. The investigation revealed that the County’s copy of the receipt had been changed to indicate only $200 was taken from the  detainee. Further investigations revealed similar situations occurred with other detainees.

Written by Linda Shelton

November 8, 2009 at 9:10 pm

Deputy Walter R Stanislavski falsely arrests Dr. Shelton

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Deputy Walter R. Stanislavski, badge 10395, working at Bridgeview courthouse in room 207 on October 21, 2009, in retaliation for Dr. Shelton admonishing Deputy M. Norris, badge 10425, that Deputy Norris had illegally grabbed Dr. Shelton’s arm in the courtroom, which amounted to assault and battery, and interference with Dr. Shelton speaking up as pro se counsel, stood in front of Dr. Shelton, interfering with her properly speaking in the courtroom.

Deputy Stanislavski then purposely bumped into Dr. Shelton’s walker, falsely claiming he was preventing Shelton from approaching Judge Hyland.  Then while looking at Deputy Norris said: “If you’re going to accuse Deputy Norris of assault, then I’m going to charge you with battery.”

Deputy Stanislavski has committed falsification of records, perjury, official misconduct, violation of civil rights under color of law, conspiracy to violate civil rights under color of law, and obstructed justice by interfering with pro se counsel.  He obviously did this in retaliation for Dr. Shelton’s many legitimate complaints about corrupt Sheriff staff and judges. This is therefore, also felony retaliation against a federal witness.

Shelton then was fraudulently arrested for simple battery with Deputy Stanislavski lying and stating that Dr. Shelton attacked him with her walker. He obviously produced a falsified arrest and/or incident report.

Excessive bail was set at $50,000 despite the fact that Shelton is indigent, on food stamps, and on SSI by a corrupt judge.

The entire incident is written in great detail on Shelton’s other blog:

Written by Linda Shelton

October 25, 2009 at 11:30 am

More Threats by Sheriff Officers Against Dr. Shelton

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This e-mail has been sent to the FBI:

The following are more threats against me (a potential federal witness against the Cook County Sheriff staff) for my whistle blowing as I have given your office a LOT of evidence against corrupt sheriff deputies. You still fail to protect me. I have been illegally arrested by the Sheriff on bogus and fabricated charges another five times in the last 5 months. I already sent you info about several of these incidents. You can read about it on my blogs: and .

I don’t understand why the US Atty has not issued arrest warrants for
Sheriff Dart, many supervisors and officers at CCDOC for threatening a witness, for murder which you have documented, for felony violation of civil rights, for conspiracy to cover-up civil rights violations, etc., etc.

You still have not arrested the parole agent and her supervisors where I gave you undisputed evidence that she fabricated her records on me (a wrongfully convicted person – due to perjury of the sheriff officer) and then had issued a fraudulent arrest warrant.

I was recently hired by an internet news agency as a reporter. I vow to get out this information about the failure of the FBI and US Atty to do their jobs, as well as the pervasive corruption at CCDOC.

Please note I have severe uncontrolled asthma with laryngospasm. If I am sprayed with pepper spray I could die and they know it.

This was taken from the web site:

Linda you are a crazy bitch that smell like sewage. Next time dont wear pants in jail with a shit stain showing. Next time I see you in my jail you will be sprayed with pepper spray, arrested and ill have my guys in ert transfer you to jefferson county.

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SuptMonday, September 28, 2009


Another fine example of the sadistic, vulgar, and criminal supervisors known as CCDOC Superintendants, Lieutenants, and Sargeants. Sheriff Dart, you’re doing a wonderful job!

Thanks for voting! (Score 1 yes, 0 no) LindaMonday, September 28, 2009


Linda whens the last time you had sex? Ill give ya some dick as it seems you need some.

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BryantMonday, September 28, 2009 [probably an officer]


Another fine example of the character of CCDOC officers. Sheriff Dart we love ya!

Thanks for voting! (Score 1 yes, 0 no) Linda
Tuesday, September 28, 2009


Cook County Correctional Officer Jacob Cano Shot in Robbery

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Cook County Correctional Officer Jacob Cano was wounded in a shooting during a robbery, September 23, 2009, when leaving his home in the 4600 block of West 82nd Street when men approached and tried to rob him, according to Cook County Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Patterson. Ofc. Cano was apparently stabilized before being transported to hospital after being shot in the back. He apparently was conscious after being shot. He works in Division 1 at the Cook County Jail.

Update 9/26/09 – It is reported he is in an ICU in serious but stable condition. Sounds like he’ll be OK.

Written by Linda Shelton

September 23, 2009 at 10:56 pm

Oppose Re-Election of Sheriff Dart

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I oppose the re-election of Sheriff Dart. I have given him evidence of perjury by several of his deputies, battery and medical neglect at the jail resulting in disability and death, violation of law by officials and guards at CCDOC – with many SERIOUS civil rights violations. He has done nothing about this. He is covering-up corruption.

I have turned over much evidence to the FBI and posted it on my blogs: , and this site

We need a new Sheriff who will cut out waste, fraud and patronage, improve training and oversight of deputies, clean up the hygiene problems, medical neglect, and abuse at the jail (the hygiene in the visiting areas is so poor it will likely greatly add to the H1N1 epidemic), and respond one-on-one in a transparent manner to complaints.

Sheriff Dart has always like his predecessor REFUSED to meet with me.  He should prove me wrong and meet with me in the presence of reporters so I can present to him hard evidence of what I am saying.